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Bugs and Development

Here, we provide a list of bugs and future development for TiRiFiC. Please do not hesitate to report bugs that are not listed below. If you want to shift the solution of an issue or some development plan up in our (hidden) priority list (because you need this thing working), do not hesitate to contact us, and we will see what we can do. Suggestions for future development are also welcome, if not found represented here.


Known bugs

Category Short description Description
Output Table output not confirmed The TABLE= output has to be tested and to be confirmed. Currently, we do not know if the output is reliable. Most users, however, do not use this output to access fitted parameters, but the output default file with the parameter TIRDEF=
Output Tiltogram output not confirmed The TILT= tiltogram output is unreliable and needs to be revised and confirmed.
Output Inclinogram output not confirmed The INCLINO= inclinogram output is unreliable and needs to be revised and confirmed.


Category Short description Description
Output Default file output to be refined The TIRDEF= output is not faulty, but may be rearranged here and there.

Future development

Category Short description Description
Geometrical parameters Higher order warp modes in spherical description For heavily warped galaxies, the cylindrical description of higher-order warp modes might be insufficient, an alternative description might be welcome.
Geometrical parameters True orbit ellipticity An implementation of elliptical orbits is planned.
Geometrical parameters Alternative parameter descriptions An alternative description of the disk geometry might be necessary for low resolution objects. This is being investigated.
Fitting Minimisers The minimisation schemes in TiRiFiC are a known weakness. Therefore, implementation and testing of better minimisation algorithms has highest priority.
Fitting Regularisation The regularisation scheme provided for TiRiFiC does not deliver the desired results. Hence, alternatives are being investigated.
Fitting Pipeline Currently TiRiFiC is usable in a semi-automated way. A fully automated TiRiFiC pipeline is being developed in the scope of WNSHS and WALLABY, mainly by Peter Kamphuis.